REPORT – British Latin America conference pushes solidarity with progressive struggles

From Green Left Weekly

By Denis Rogatyuk

Latin America 2014 conference, in solidarity with the continent’s progressive struggles, was held in London on November 29 and attracted hundreds of participants.

Held in the Trade Union Congress building, it was jointly organised by several trade unions, Latin America solitary groups and other supporters of the progressive and revolutionary struggles in the region.

The participants took part in more than 30 workshops across a broad range of topics surrounding the achievements and challenges of the various governments, social and political movements across the continent.

Matthew Willgress, the national coordinator of Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, said: “About 700 people attended throughout the day, making it the biggest yet.

“From a Venezuela point of view, [it was] the biggest solidarity event since Hugo Chavez came to London.”

The opening panel addressed the progress made so far by Latin America’s left-wing governments, compared with the program of austerity being implemented by the British government.

Owen Jones, a freelance journalist and author, addressed the need for ongoing solidarity with the Venezuelan government at the time of renewed media war attacks against the Bolivarian Revolution.

Seumas Milne, an associate editor of The Guardian, highlighted the danger posed to Venezuela and the Bolivarian revolution by the violent demonstrations organised by the ultra-right sections of the opposition earlier this year.

“We have witnessed the violent campaign of destabilisation, financed by the United States, and aimed at overthrowing a democratically-elected regime of Nicolas Maduro,” Milne said.

Read the full article on the Green Left Weekly Website

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