Brazil: Temer’s Terrible Ten Policies

The last six months in Brazil have seen an immense upheaval of society since the removal of Dilma Rousseff. A spiralling corruption investigation, controversial impeachment, mass protests, growing strikes and an Olympic games held in Rio in the backdrop of an economic recession have led to a tumultuous year. Anger is running high at the newly... Continue Reading →

Programme now available to view for This Saturday’s Latin America Conference

With countries across in Latin America facing a resurgent right, political turmoil and the threat of external interviention, this Saturday's Latin America Conference will be the most crucial yet. Over 50 speakers are set to speak representing progressive movements and governments in countries across Latin America, alongside politicians, journalists, trade unionists and campaigners from Britain and... Continue Reading →

New threat to Cuba following US election results

From the Cuba Solidarity Campaign website International solidarity is vital in coming months CSC is concerned about the results of the US presidential elections and what they will mean for the future of Cuba-US relations when President Obama leaves office in January 2017. The election of Donald Trump with Republican Party majorities in both... Continue Reading →

Francisco Dominguez explains why this year’s Latin America Conference is more important than ever

Francisco Dominguez, Middlesex University The 2008 world economic crisis has thrown the whole world into turmoil, especially commodities-exporting economies such as those in Latin America. The crisis has in many cases led to dramatic falls in revenues thus exerting huge fiscal pressures to maintain the recent years of progressive social programmes. The region’s conservative elites... Continue Reading →

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