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ANALYSIS: Brazilians resist vicious wave of neoliberalism

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14333060_559407744268917_2200953202243596398_nBy Chris Williamson  for The Morning Star

Following the removal of the Dilma Rousseff as President of Brazil, the new unelected President has launched a wave of neo-liberal policies, but is facing massive resistance, writes Chris Williamson.

South America’s largest country has recently undergone massive political upheaval with the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff and the installation of right wing leader Michael Temer. Read the rest of this entry »


Brazil: Temer’s Terrible Ten Policies

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The last six months in Brazil have seen an immense upheaval of society since the removal of Dilma Rousseff. A spiralling corruption investigation, controversial impeachment, mass protests, growing strikes and an Olympic games held in Rio in the backdrop of an economic recession have led to a tumultuous year.

Anger is running high at the newly appointed President. Many are claiming he is acting without a mandate and are calling for new elections to take place, a measure Dilma strongly advocated whilst the impeachment was raging on.

Here are some of the most controversial policies, many implemented whilst Temer was acting on an Interim basis, that have prompted an international backlash in defence of Brazilian democracy.

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Programme now available to view for This Saturday’s Latin America Conference

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With countries across in Latin America facing a resurgent right, political turmoil and the threat of external interviention, this Saturday’s Latin America Conference will be the most crucial yet.

Over 50 speakers are set to speak representing progressive movements and governments in countries across Latin America, alongside politicians, journalists, trade unionists and campaigners from Britain and around the world.

The conference programme is now available to view at

A wide range of topics will be discussed on the day, including:

  • Still the US’ backyard? Latin America after the US Presidential election
  • Cuba: building a better world under the eye of the empire
  • After Chavez – The Empire Strikes Back in Venezuela
  • Emergency in Brazil & Argentina – repression & resistance to neo-liberalism
  • Europe’s crisis, Latin America and global alternatives to Neo-liberalism
  • A Zone of Peace – US bases out of Latin America!
  • What next forMexico after 4 years under the new ‘PRI’ and President elect Trump
  • Nicaragua: a story of hope and inspiration and surviving against the odds and renewed US intervention
  • High stakes for Ecuador’s Citizen’s Revolution ahead of 2017 elections
  • Latin America, Free Trade Agreements & Corporate Greed
  • Bolivia – political and international developments
  • Making Black Lives Matter – Black Liberation in the Americas & the Caribbean
  • Paraguay : Repression & Resistance – developments since the US – backed coup
  • Confronting Climate Change – what now for the Paris Agreement?

And a film festival run by the fantastic Alborada net will be running throughout the day.

Register on the day from 9.15am

Sandinistas win the Nicaraguan elections with overwhelming majority

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Helen Yuill, Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group, Twitter: @NSCAG_UK

Elections took place in Nicaragua on 6 November for the Presidency, 90 National Assembly, and 20 Nicaraguan members of the Central American parliament.

Preliminary results based on the count from 66% of the polling stations give the FSLN 72.1% of the vote. The highest votes for opposition parties were PLC (Constitutionalist Liberal Party) with 14% of the vote and the PLI (Independent Liberal Party) with 5%.  Read the rest of this entry »

New threat to Cuba following US election results

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From the Cuba Solidarity Campaign website

International solidarity is vital in coming months

CSC is concerned about the results of the US presidential elections and what they will mean for the future of Cuba-US relations when President Obama leaves office in January 2017.

The election of Donald Trump with Republican Party majorities in both houses of Congress threaten to undo recent improvements in Cuba-US relations. Read the rest of this entry »

Francisco Dominguez explains why this year’s Latin America Conference is more important than ever

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Francisco Dominguez, Middlesex University

The 2008 world economic crisis has thrown the whole world into turmoil, especially commodities-exporting economies such as those in Latin America. The crisis has in many cases led to dramatic falls in revenues thus exerting huge fiscal pressures to maintain the recent years of progressive social programmes.

The region’s conservative elites and their chief external supporter, the United States, have been quick to exacerbate many Latin American nations’ current economic difficulties. They have unleashed destabilisation plans capitalising on popular discontent against progressive governments to create the conditions for conservative restoration. Read the rest of this entry »

Give Temer The Elbow – by Ken Livingstone

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Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff was impeached over budgetary manoeuvres that have been carried out by numerous presidents, including Barack Obama. KEN LIVINGSTONE believes coup-installed president Michel Temer represents a major threat to democracy

In Brazil, right wing neo-liberal policies are so unpopular that they have been consistently rejected at the ballot box in presidential elections for the last 13 years. Unable to achieve electoral victory, the only way to implement the neoliberal measures has been through the illegitimate impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, a move that’s seen hundreds of thousands out in protest calling for new elections in cities across the country and protesting against newly appointed President Michel Temer. Read the rest of this entry »