First Speakers for Latin America 2015 Announced!

This years Latin America Conference brings together political leaders, trade unionists, NGOs, academics & progressive movements to explore recent developments across the region, along with films, music and exhibitions showcasing Latin American culture and takes place on Saturday November 28 at Congress House, London. With special international guests: William Blum, author 'Rogue State' & 'America's Deadliest Export'... Continue Reading →

Latin America 2014

Latin America Conference Adelante! 2014 was our most successful to date - a packed TUC Congress house heard from speakers including Aleida Guevera, Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway and Darcus Howe, plus many representatives from Latin American governments and embassies. A wide range of seminars covered topics including defending social progress against US destabilization,... Continue Reading →

REPORT – British Latin America conference pushes solidarity with progressive struggles

From Green Left Weekly By Denis Rogatyuk Latin America 2014 conference, in solidarity with the continent's progressive struggles, was held in London on November 29 and attracted hundreds of participants. Held in the Trade Union Congress building, it was jointly organised by several trade unions, Latin America solitary groups and other supporters of the progressive... Continue Reading →

REPORT: Ambassador Alicia Castro called for dialogue on the Malvinas and condemned the action of vulture funds at the Latin America Conference in London

An audience of over 700 British people applauded the words of the Ambassador of Argentina in the Latin America Conference, the great annual meeting that brings together MPs, activists, NGOs, trade union leaders, journalists and academics, who back Latin American causes. She thanked them for their support to Argentina. “Our hope as Latin Americans is... Continue Reading →

Article – 43 Lives, 2 Countries

A major theme at this year's conference is the wave of violence both as destabilization of elected governments in countries such as Venezuela, and as through corruption and crime in Central America. In this article which first appeared on Telesur English, TAMARA PEARSON compares the media coverage of the 43 deaths in Mexico and Venezuela... Continue Reading →

Article: Assassination Signal’s Right’s Coup Ambitions

Venezuela has played a crucial role in the changes sweeping Latin America. In this article, VSC's Matt Willgress looks at the recent assassination of the young parliamentarian Robert Serra in the context of a wave of violence and economic sabotage from the right-wing in Venezuela. Join our session "After Chavez, the Empire Strikes Back -... Continue Reading →

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